HANNE DARBOVEN, Statement to Lucy Lippard

I build something up by disturbing something (destruction—structure—construction). 

          A system became necessary; how else could I see more concentratedly, nd some interest, continue at all? Contemplation had to be interrupted by action as a means of accepting anything among everything. No acceptance at all = chaos. In my work I try to move, to expand and contract as far as possible between more or less known and unknown limits. I couldn’t talk about any limits, I know generally, I just can say I feel at times closer while doing a series or afterwards. But whether coming closer once or not, it is still one experience. Whether positive or negative, I know it then. Everything is in so far in a proof, for the negative that a positive exists, and vice versa.   
A circle as a symbol of innity, everything; what is beginning, where? What is end, where?

I couldn’t recreate my so-called system; it depends on things done previously. The materials consist of paper and pencil with which I draw my conceptions, write words and numbers, which are the simplest means for putting down my ideas; for ideas do not depend on materials.
The nature of ideas is immateriality.

Things have plenty of variations and varieties, so they can be changed. At this moment I know about what I have done, what I am doing; I shall see what will happen next.

This statement, sent by Darboven to Lippard in 1968, is previously unpublished. It is presently in Lucy R. Lippard papers, Archives of American Art, uncataloged recent acquisition.
En: ALBERRO, Alexander, Blake Stimson, Conceptual Art: A critical antology, 1a. Ed. Cambridge, The MIT Press,  2000. Hanne Darboven, Statement to Lucy Lippard, Pp. 62-63.

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